3 For One! You Asked For It!

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I asked my followers to submit their health & fitness questions - and appreciated the fantastic response! Thank you for sending me your inquiries about exercise, nutrition, competing, getting sponsorship, fit pregnancy and more. I am going to reply to each and every one of you, so please continue to submit your fitness [...]

How to Strengthen, Stretch and Release the Iliopsoas Muscle

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Relieve back pain using these easy techniques you can do right at home. Fix your back pain with my advice! If you are recovering from a car accident or sport impact injury, or spend hours a day sitting, you are very likely to have the common issue of a tight psoas muscle. [...]

I’ve Had Enough! The First 5 Steps I Take To Lose Fat Without Stepping Foot in A Gym

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Coach Julie Germaine We all know the moment. When you've missed cardio more than a few times... have avoided the scale so the calories from those extra indulgences don't count... and catch a glimpse of your reflection in horror - Where did that roll come from? Or even worse - Your yoga pant waistline is [...]

Transformation Challenge Update!

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So proud of my Julie Germaine Fit Transformation Challenge Members! The contest isn't over yet, but I am too excited to wait to share some of the results of my hard-working members! Watch the video below to hear what the participants are saying about their experience so far! Get [...] Client Feature!

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Shanny proves it's never too late to chase your dreams! This energetic and determined woman started training with me to achieve her competitive goals - and her weight loss transformation was so incredible was earned a feature on one of the largest bodybuilding websites,! I was so proud to [...]