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3rd Trimester Stretches from Standing Position

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It is extremely common for expecting mothers to experience hip, back and neck pain, particularly in their 3rd trimester. Many of my pregnant clients find these stretches help ease some of their discomfort, often allowing them to continue training. However, in the final months of gestation, be kind to yourself! Accept that you [...]

How to Self-Diagnose and Treat Diastasis Recti

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Diastasis recti abdominis or DRA is when the two rectus abdominis muscles become separated along the linea alba or the fibrous band of tissue that runs from the bottom of the sternum (xiphoid process) to the symphysis pubis. How to check for diastasis recti (watch my youtube video!): [...]

3 For One! You Asked For It!

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I asked my followers to submit their health & fitness questions - and appreciated the fantastic response! Thank you for sending me your inquiries about exercise, nutrition, competing, getting sponsorship, fit pregnancy and more. I am going to reply to each and every one of you, so please continue to submit your fitness [...]

I’ve Had Enough! The First 5 Steps I Take To Lose Fat Without Stepping Foot in A Gym

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Coach Julie Germaine We all know the moment. When you've missed cardio more than a few times... have avoided the scale so the calories from those extra indulgences don't count... and catch a glimpse of your reflection in horror - Where did that roll come from? Or even worse - Your yoga pant waistline is [...]

20 Seconds to Help You Win at Life

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Life is tough - and it doesn't get easier! As Rocky Balboa said, "You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life." So how do we stay dreamers? How do we stay motivated to achieve our goals and believe in ourselves? I'm constantly searching for ways to keep a positive state of [...]

Calculate Your Caloric Intake

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Julie Germaine, 2x WBFF Pro Fitness Model Champion It isn't news that your diet is much more important than your training regime when it comes to fitness results. To begin to establish the right program for you, best to start with goal-setting. Often my clients express they want to build muscle while losing bodyfat. [...]

Transformation Challenge Update!

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So proud of my Julie Germaine Fit Transformation Challenge Members! The contest isn't over yet, but I am too excited to wait to share some of the results of my hard-working members! Watch the video below to hear what the participants are saying about their experience so far! Get [...]

3 Motivational Videos to Help You Stick to the Plan!

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Here's an assortment of the most inspiring viral videos to get you up whatever hill you need to climb to reach your fitness goals this week! You know it had to be this way. LaBeouf's green-screen moment, which was simply him yelling a variety of phrases, was taped for a student art project. And [...] Client Feature!

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Shanny proves it's never too late to chase your dreams! This energetic and determined woman started training with me to achieve her competitive goals - and her weight loss transformation was so incredible was earned a feature on one of the largest bodybuilding websites,! I was so proud to [...]

Finding Time for Fitness

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  Finding Time for Fitness: How to balance training with your work schedule and social life Is it possible to have it all? A successful career, money to vacation with the family and an admirable physique? YES! Here are some tips to help you get closer to living all your dreams: The struggle to balance [...]