Injury Prevention

Exercises and Stretches for Improving Posture

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Exercises to Improve Your Posture Improve Your Posture with 5 Easy Exercises Watch the video to see examples of the following exercises, which help to strengthen your posterior delts, back and erectors to pull your body upright and correct posture. These are even effective and safe during pregnancy, when your body naturally falls forward [...]

Leg Day Challenge! Why Building Hamstrings Is So Important

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Hamstrings Priority Workout Why Everyone Should Have This Day In Their Split So your goal is to have less cellulite, build a bigger butt or thicker legs? If more cardio or training glutes and quads is your focus, you aren't wrong! But often people naturally have weak and undeveloped hamstrings, so adding this [...]

How to Strengthen, Stretch and Release the Iliopsoas Muscle

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Relieve back pain using these easy techniques you can do right at home. Fix your back pain with my advice! If you are recovering from a car accident or sport impact injury, or spend hours a day sitting, you are very likely to have the common issue of a tight psoas muscle. [...]

Warming Up

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Julie Germaine, 2x WBFF Pro Fitness Model Champion, Photo Mark Bradfield In a rush and tempted to skip your warm-up and head straight to the dumbbells? Wait! You might not realize it now, but taking time to ease your body into training can actually help you get that 6-pack you've always wanted! Looking great is a reward [...]