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Julie is such a ray of light! I did personal training with Julie and she is amazing! I learned so much from her and her positivity keeps you so motivated!

Hilary Cunning

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As a NFLA Certified Fitness Expert & Prenatal Trainer, and a NASM Certified Nutrition Specialist, I have helped hundreds of men and women achieve incredible body transformations since 2005. My background is in fitness competitions at the world level, both as a winning professional athlete, and as a conditioning coach that led my clients to win shows, earn Pro status and obtain magazine exposure and supplement endorsements. However my true passion is changing people’s lives through better health, so 100% of my attention is on supporting my members in losing weight, building lean muscle, and feeling great!

Take the guesswork out of nutrition. Should you do keto? Low carb? High protein? Intermittent fasting? IIFYM? Let’s discuss the pros and cons and develop a diet best suited for you. I am a best-selling author and contributor to numerous publications and websites on the topics of fitness, nutrition, and overall health, and would love to put my knowledge to work specifically on you.

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My Friends
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